Grace Center has started a new program in which we invite community members, fraternal organizations, church groups, etc. to help us tend to our beautiful rain gardens and planting areas, and in return we will recognize those volunteers who are willing to make at least a one year commitment by placing a sign in their garden recognizing them for their kindness and generosity! The sign/plaque will also have a QR code that persons passing by can scan with their smart phones and learn about the donors as well as a little more about Grace Center.Flowers in garden

The Adopt-A-Garden program is a cooperative venture between Grace Center and its friends and neighbors. Through an agreement with Grace Center for Community Life, an individual, community, or group assumes responsibility for assisting in the maintenance of a garden located on the property.

How do citizens benefit?
You or your organization will benefit through an increased sense of ownership of your community and through the satisfaction of volunteering. Also, a sign bearing the adopting group or individual’s name will be placed in the garden, accompanied by a QR code that will share information about your group or about Grace Center. Materials, including bark, mulch, leaf compost, trash bags, and safety literature will be provided by Grace Center.

Garden Flowers 2What would we need to do?
Keep the garden weed-free. Cut back & mulch the garden in appropriate seasons (with the help/advice of one of our wonderful Master Gardners). Remove litter and debris. Report dead, damaged, and diseased plants to the master gardener assigned to work with your garden.